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Consumer Behavior, Marketing, and Analyzing Big Data

Consumer behavior is the fuel of marketing, yet understanding the influencing factors that motivate their behavior is the issue of return. Personas, content, creative, channels, are what pull consumers through the funnel. Each identified persona has a different set of attributes with unique intonation along the path to purchase. Here’s where the muddle of interpreting big data begins, and the importance of measuring the right data for each intonation path because stale data provides inaccurate findings.

Measure Inbound Content Marketing for Conversion ROI

Don’t make this mistake. When a business fails to measure content ROI, the bottom line does not benefit. Content Marketing Institute found that 28% of B2B marketing goes unmeasured. Even if a business is in tune with its audiences, it can still be out of touch. Because technology has changed the way a business need communicate, businesses need to learn how to create content that does not add to existing content clutter its audiences are subjected daily. Marketing insights provides a business with a wealth of analysis data:

Inbound Marketing: A Key Messaging Tip

Inbound Marketing Messaging Tip Showing Searcher Getting At A Specific Search
Inbound marketing does not mean being a jack-of-all marketing trades. Quite the contrary, and too many businesses today are in the business of sales funnel management where a visitor is sent to a landing page and expected to release name, address, telephone, email. Businesses face even greater stumbling blocks if its content is an online store with nothing but products because the rising on demand culture seeks immediate resolution coupled with short attention spans. Inbound marketing though is SEO, and it in itself as well does not mean that someone who specializes in SEO be a jack-of-all marketing trades. See with all inbound marketing campaigns, it involves understanding what the targeted audience exactly wants, and positioning to deliver.  Unfortunately, far too many businesses assume they know what their desired target audience wants - and in turn - conceptualize sales funnel models around those assumptions. That's quite a fleeting assumption for the growing $60 million Gen Z, and the $2 billion .net via mobile (International Data Corp.) audiences. Nothing could be farther from reality; consequentially, here begins the losing sales funnel model.