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What I Do

In today's noisy online universe of everything, there is no time for any business to hesitate else it becomes extinct. A business can either adapt to survive, or innovate and thrive. No one just wakes up in the morning thinking that s/he wants to do business with you because if it were that easy then there would be no need to market. The old ways of marketing were ruled by history. Today's world of marketing reigns by agility, velocity ingenuity, and providing solutions to their problem(s).

Consultancy Overview\\

Digital Footprint Visibility

  • Onsite SEO Structure Analysis
  • Keyword Stem Mapping
  • Context Purpose Measure
  • Organic Conversion Value Analysis
  • Lifetime Value
  • Paid Model Analysis
  • Lead Value
  • Digital Re-marketing Conversion
  • Lifetime Value
  • Campaign Behavioral Maturation
  • Keyword Stemming

Inbound Marketing Research

  • Brand Message Analysis
  • Conversion Volume
  • Psychographic Classification
  • Demographic Segmenting
  • Buyer Insights
  • Reputation Analysis
  • Social Intelligence
  • Consumer Retention Analysis
  • Social Noise and Purpose
  • Email Messaging
  • SMS/Text Campaigns
  • Organic Content
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Engagement Analysis
  • Social Outreach
  • Offline To Online

today's world of online digital marketing