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Consumer Behavior, Marketing, and Analyzing Big Data

Consumer behavior is the fuel of marketing, yet understanding the influencing factors that motivate their behavior is the issue of return. Personas, content, creative, channels, are what pull consumers through the funnel. Each identified persona has a different set of attributes with unique intonation along the path to purchase. Here’s where the muddle of interpreting big data begins, and the importance of measuring the right data for each intonation path because stale data provides inaccurate findings.

This brings up what constitutes good market research, and the answer to that is marketing insights of consumer behavior that shapes basis of successful marketing programs. Defined consumer personas reveal factors that impact their buying decisions (acquisition, usage), and why they behave (awareness, satisfaction). These insights bring to light the expectation differences. It’s their expectations, when engaging, that provide marketers how to match content stimuli to their solution needs.

Therefore, trustworthiness of straddled analyzed data to be measured becomes critical. What marketer wants a one way conversation with oneself? Businesses use of consumer everyone and anyone modern model void of persona insights provides the least understanding for what drives [daily life or emotional need] and influences behavior [social, cultural]. Analyzed big data needs to account for their market orientation so that the right content and messaging is consistently marketed to the right consumers in the right way. Online conversations across multiple touch points is nearly impossible to appropriate actionable conclusions without defined buyer persona insights to understand their journey together with decision criteria. Nothing more embarrassing than not being able to account for impact or provide an accurate picture of performance when analyzing marketing attribution on ad spend.

The take away here:

It truly is just not good enough to create awareness. As marketers, it is our job to convince consumers that the solution(s) sought is here and should be among the choice shortlist. Effective communication is essential together with building relationships. Stop thinking about patterns in persona behavior. Instead, grasp how a persona decides and what prevents from achieving. Additionally, interconnection of big data analytics alone doesn’t prove causation because it fails to reveal underlying subconscious causes behind it. For when a company takes time to create and understand its buyer personas mindset, it is able to create constructive context of actionable decisions that in turn influence consumer behavior.