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Build Online Content For Relationship Development

Before doing any online marketing, take time to create a content relationship strategy that will have the consumer asking for your brand by name. Here is an outline to go about building an engaging Relationship Development Strategy.

Understand Your Target Audience
  • Age plus public base.
  • Percent of females versus males.
  • Urban/Suburban/Rural.
  • Education levels.
  • Ethno-demographics.
  • Prime communities for target audience.

The ideal target audience profile can then be summarized.

Target Audience Intentions
  • Desires.
  • Wants.
  • Needs.

This allows you to create unique target audience distinctions that serve the important function of generating self.

Target Audience Roles and Personas
  • Competitive.
  • Methodical.
  • Spontaneous.
  • Humanistic.

By identifying your target audience personas, you are able to build consumable content directly attributed to the general lifestyle of the persona. Keep in mind that your target audience personas can be blended. Envisage broad over definitive.

Online Audience Channels
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social target modeling for ad promotions and conversational content engagement. Build awareness, authority, and trust with social audiences as well as bidirectional communication. This allows you to know who your brand advocates are plus identify new advocates.

Define Desired Actions
  1. Click-On-Ad [Pay per click]
  2. Call
  3. Send an email
  4. Sign up
  5. Download a file
  6. Brand a keyword

Attention, interest, desire, action, and satisfaction model needs to interplay along with magnetize across all levels. Understand that your target audience enters the funnel at different stages, and content relevance must intersect. Many Websites and online marketers forget the key points for attention, interest, and action. Hence, only focusing content on desire and satisfaction.

Although desire is a bidirectional aspect, it first needs to be intuited by the consumer. It is what instigates their quest to seek out. Once on your website, desire is further boosted via their conceptions as they navigate a website. Here is the need why to build attention, interest, and action around desire and satisfaction. This facet of the model can be learned by asking the website visitor how your website is discerned.

Satisfaction throughout your website is an area that should always be further enhanced. As clear as you surmise that your Website portrays your brand, it can always be presented more advantageous. Humans are not stasis. Instead, humans are dynamic, and anything can alter someone’s slant of satisfaction. Websites are silent spaces that are pulled. Keep in mind that satisfaction supports gratification, which can be easily destroyed through online as well as offline interaction.

How Potential and Existing Consumers Prioritize Action
  • Will this business fulfill a personal desire.
  • Does the business have credentials.
  • Will skill sets/product meet the desire.
  • Will the service (this might be offline interaction or online website chat) be pleasurable and sensuous.
  • Life turning points.
  • Communication.
  • Accommodation.
  • Appropriateness.
  • Professionalism.
  • Ease of purchase.
Unique Value Proposition

Write out at least two, but no more than five. These should be direct. Summing up a value of why a consumer should do business with you instead of your competitor. When written correctly, it:
  • Explains how your product/service will solve their problems or improves their situation.
  • Specifies the benefit(s).
  • It makes your ideal customer aware of why they should buy from you and not from the competition.

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