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Know Your Customer And Win More Business

What is the dream of every marketer? To build interconnections with customers/buyers for long term success, of course. What is the dream of companies’ CEOs? To build brands that resonate with customers. However, that’s only part of a larger story. For both sides to accomplish:

  • each must advocate for the customer/buyer, and 
  • take the customer/buyer side along with understand the customer/buyer position. 
Instead of shunning when a customer calls, embrace the moment for here is a customer/buyer that we have the chance to not only speak with but understand. Yet, so few do.

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Unfortunately, brand loyalty does not come from loyalty/reward cards. Instinctively, it sounds right; however, all those cards do is help marketing track and market more stuff on the idea that customers want.   Instead, you build customers/buyers loyalty based on how they came to their buying decisions. To do that, you first must understand how your brand can meet their expectations as well as make obvious why they should do business with you instead of your competitor.

The rules have changed. Know your customers as well as why they engage with your marketing endeavors. It is all about trust, and what you say doesn’t matter because unless the right option is at every stage of their decision process, the customer will surf elsewhere until s/he finds the company that fills value for what they need. See, the devil really is in the details when doors into the buyer evaluation process are closed. Once a customer/buyer decides to click, you don’t want to lose at any stage of the journey.


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