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Summertime Social Inbound Marketing Shape Up

Just because it is summer, it does not mean that your social inbound marketing should go on auto pilot. Summer is time to re-examine and shape up your brand’s social inbound marketing campaigns. First let’s think about people. People always seem to be the problem, but are people the problem? I say no. People are not the problem. Brands are, and the problem is in the marketing message. In today’s profusion of content, a brand must customize its marketing messages to engage in the hands of prospects. This means that inbound marketing messages must reach and leverage interests of tiered segmented audiences.

  • Social Reach and Leverage
    • Begin analyzing your website analytics to get a picture for how your social platforms meet social goals. Examine Users Flow. It allows you to visually map your social visitor traffic.
    • Tag URLs for each organic or paid campaign. This allows to you see traffic clear as a campaign while leveraging ability to understand content worth.
    • Encourage audience segments to start conversations. If you are the only one talking, you are talking to yourself. Learn how to dress for social media engagement.
    • Use visual content that encourages and advantages content sharing. By doing so, social impression reach expands.
    • Content relevance for brand audience segments interests across platforms is what matters.
    • With tweets once again showing up in Google Search Results, real-time relevant content can reach sweeping on-topic audiences.

  • Email Reach and Leverage
    • Begin analyzing your website analytics to understand how your campaigns meet goals. This goes deeper than open rates and CTRs. Nothing worse than sending out 16,723 emails with an open rate of 2%, CTR of 1%, CR of < .5%, and no social share.
    • Subdivide your email lists into small relevant tiered groups, and create unique custom messages that stimulate engagement.
    • Dive deeper into understanding why a receiver in a tiered segment failed to click-thru or open. Subdivide divided current tiered segments further, and begin testing. For instance, non click-thru receivers may not have found the content compelling. Similarly, receivers who failed to even open may not have found your subject message engaging. Worse, email went to spam.
    • Separate out inactive email addresses. Yes, subscribers do loose interest. Conduct an email campaign asking the subscriber to reconfirm interest. Of those who do reconfirm, reach out to learn what they want to bring them back as active engaged. For those who fail to reconfirm, cut the fat.
    • Stay focused, and only offer content that your email segments find useful.
    • Take time to Tag links. It allows you to understand CTAs, as well as content worth.
Diversifying is the key to expanding reach and leverage. Landing pages should resonate with social messages. This makes scent trails blazing for engagement. Recognize where each tiered audience segment aligns along the conversion funnel, and create content that drives tiered audiences through the nonlinear funnel to the desired goal. Today’s Web users are savvy, and expect wow encounters. Brands that understand this also understand that today’s Web user makes decisions that enhance his/her experience. So, get your summer on by getting your social inbound content in shape for any season.

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