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Turn Procratinated Customers Into Connected Consumers

Procrastinated Customer To Connected Consumer Pic

Why do website visitors procrastinate when on your website?
  • Some seek immediate gratification
  • Some seek information
  • Some are differentiating
  • Some are browsing
Instead of focusing on engaging website visitors, focus on how to get your visitors talking to you.

Broken down into simpler forms. Inbound marketing channels allow you to set the stage at getting site visitors talking to you. This is known as brand building. By encouraging customers to speak frankly, it opens a brand’s perspective allowing it to fix, modify, and advantage. Think about this? What does your FaceBook page tell the consumer about your brand? How are you using Twitter to brand? Is language of your brand stiff? Or, is language muddled? I’ve said it before that I, you, and us is more inviting that we, our, or other non fuzzy language. Remember, no website or app is perfect. Likewise, neither is inbound marketing. Brands also need to take timeout and learn how to subdivide audiences, so that it can get each subdivision talking. That’s why inbound marketing is so great. It’s flexible, and brands need to be flexible because breaking through is not going to happen over night. Start small, build upon milestones, and integrate your brand across inbound channels. Bear in mind, your brand is not the only brand using inbound channels either. Today, online content is in overdrive. Your typical consumer is checking email more than likely on a tablet, or phone right now. Is your website mobile adaptive? If so, does it have sufficient functionality? Is the message sent to customer X linking to a webpage that fits and aligns with his/her subset?

Website mobile functionality is also more than just being mobile adaptable. How will you decide what fat to trim. Do you have an app? Great, but does it pony up? Kaiser’s app does not when it comes to researching specialists. Did you reach out to your customers to learn what they want, or did you decide for them? See, inbound marketing that encourages customers to speak likewise allows a brand to ascertain distractions. Think of it as a way to organize what is important for the customer while eliminating clutter, and respecting what the consumer yearns. I call this stopping the distractions (noise), and recognizing the customer as just that instead of another name on a list. When brands take time to recognize, the likelihood of a customer unplugging from a brand diminishes.

So as you move your brand from procrastination to encouraging customers to speak, be patient. Getting consumers connected to speak takes time. Especially when previously prevented. Just be sure to speak back in a manner that you would want to be spoken at for it’s about connecting with the customer. Because the language you use, will be hitting the eyes of more than just that one.

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