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Onsite SEO

There is more to SEO than just backlinks and keywords, and I’m not running after search engine algorithms either as some SEO experts proclaim to do.  It is a science that uses art.  Analysis holds the keys to understand which and or what issue(s) or problem(s) keep your website from eclipsing your competition.  I view SEO as a way to showoff a website’s unique figurine rank.  What I provide is 100% organic onsite SEO analysis that involves:

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Therefore, if your marketing plans are to limelight your website get at me for a SEO blueprint to outdo your website’s goals.

Local SEO Search

Welcome to the new directory pages. With over 200 million local searches per day and 10 billion plus unique local searches in any month, you cannot afford to not dominate in local search.  40% of Google’s current search queries are for local content alone.  Ask yourself these two easy questions:

  1. How does your website communicate your brand adjacent your competitions' brand?
  2. Does your website show for all your central keywords?

Those two questions are easy for some to answer while others remain adrift.  As a local SEO search devotee you get me one-on-one, so your website asset is custom optimized to be found by your local target audience.  Being found via local SEO search also means that today’s Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or other portable Web devices will pull your business ahead of your competitor when your target audience searches for your product/service via mobile.  Opportunity is knocking.

Small Business SEO

Being online today is simply not what was even a year ago.  To win in today’s crowded Web you need custom-built SEO.  Think of it as investing in your website foundation. 

I provide custom-built SEO that fills even demanding online business goals. Included in each custom combination comes:

  • Audience Research and Targeting
  • Earmark keywords
  • Search Engines understanding website copy content
  • Link submissions
  • Getting your site on Google’s page one RE

This is the new plus ultra in organic SEO marketing that keeps you from drowning in the Web. 

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