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Stop Misunderstanding Website Visitors

stop confusing website visitors
Some believe that the best way to get site visitors to act is to appeal to their emotional motivations. This belief is partially true if you’re marketing an impulsive product/service. Triggers can then lead to desired path response. But when a product/service requires conscious consideration, desired path response becomes complicated. To understand these site visitors, a business has to first see the big people picture because it lacks buyer mindset access to engage.

For a business, this means that what it thinks it knows about its customers is wrong. Buyers are not who a business presumes, and they pull the site with different reasons than what a business guesses. So what does this mean in terms of website context? It means that the business’s buyer profiles are incomplete needing the key ingredient, buyer insights. What the ingredient accounts for is:

  1. Who the visitors are
  2. When a visitor first decides to find a solution
  3. What a visitor is looking for, what barriers may exist, and what the visitor expects to see
  4. Where to target at each stage of the decision journey
  5. How the visitors eliminate, and how many are involved in the decision process
  6. Why the visitor decides to interact

Thirsting for clarity? Give buyers a seat at the table, and stop misunderstanding. Segment visitors based on personas, and align their needs, goals, and concerns through compelling marketing content that intersects with the product/service solution capabilities. Yes, this approach requires humbleness; but it opens doors by providing the business with necessary guidance for how to create websites, position product/service option value, and create marketing campaigns that entice.

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