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20 Social Media Alliance Building Do’s

Giraffes Depicting Social Media Socializing

  1. Do take time to answer individual questions with valuable information that people want to share
  2. Do join like kind groups focused around your industry, and participate under your brand or business name
  3. Do use your business or brand name when creating a social group
  4. Do follow others and engage
  5. Do create follower subsets, and engage through media that meets each subset particulars
  6. Do use hash tags (#) and @ symbols
  7. Do create an account with a url shortening tool like, tinyurl, owly, or bitly, so you can track who is clicking on your links
  8. Do complete your business or brand online profile including bio, location, and link(s) to your website
  9. Do focus on growing lasting relationships
  10. Do make it easy for customers and potential customers to contact you
  11. Do target specific niche audiences
  12. Do use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin to connect up with your industry leaders as well as communicate daily
  13. Do use apps such as Buffer to spread your social feeds, and Hootsuite to keep abreast of social conversations
  14. Do use social networks to spread the the word about your specials, coupons, deals, events, contests, or other exciting happenings
  15. Do announce contest winners over social networks
  16. Do use social networks for reviews and feedback
  17. Do showcase what is happening right now at your business with pictures and video
  18. Do dedicate 15-20 minutes three times a day to socialize, so if you’re eating, watching TV, or having a personal moment do the social thing
  19. Do plan, plan, plan, and plan some more
  20. Do talk in a natural voice