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Social Message Segmentation Advantage

Psychographic-Demographic Audience Segmenting
For undivided target audiences, demographics are such things as age, race, gender, income, religion, so forth. Emphasis is on undivided because psychographics are not yet applied.  Characteristics such as age, gender, household income, number of children, education level, marital status, or geographic location impact who is most receptive to a brand’s offer. Dependent upon the psychographic category or combination of categories the commodification need may increase, stay the same, or drop off.  Economics too can have volatile effects on how consumers will consume a brand until their psychographic wears them down.  Life turning points too have impact. For some, it increases their need while others drop back, or reduced desire of need. Children, marriage, work, so forth need accounted, as each modifies psychographic personae as well.  Because of this, social content messaging needs to work around psychological layers with personalization (within reason) to build not to mention strengthen brand relationship affinity.

Psychographics are nuance factions about people. Its what interests, morals, attitudes, or options that consumers align with a brand. How a brand assumes psychographics of consumers determines whether relationships are formed. Think in terms of how communities or neighborhoods are subdivided off of area demographics.  For example, some within a community may portray an audience psychographic as self-indulgent living maƱana, while others maybe portrayed as conservative less impetuous. Identified self-indulgent sects follow, along the notion of, keeping up with the Jones. Put into action, a brand's social messaging threads would revolve around shopper appeals; thereby, spurring sybaritic inebriating life reality for the consumer. Therefore, identified consumer persona messages [focus of attention] appeal to recognized psychographics.

It’s all about the details.  The magnet of categorizing consumer psychographics permits brands to market focused at the various demographic community segments through recognized personas.  Website content then behaves as context for the process.  Apprehension by consumers to individualize for want of while connecting to a brand is how a brand’s offer connects with identified consumer demographic and psychographic personae, and this is how a brand learns to speak with its social community factions using common message threads.

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