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Website Colors Have Meaning

Color is a silent powerful visual tool that can be used to influence actions as well as trigger psychological messages for your website visitors.  When designing your website, the colors selected should not be about your favorite colors for those could be that potential customer’s most hated colors.  Here are some tips for how to select and use color for your website.

  • Poll your target customers as to how different colors make them feel, and ask them what are their favorite colors
  • Use those color ideas to define your brand’s color context
  • Just don’t pick any shade; pick the right shade
  • Have your Web developer test your color shades on many types of operating devices (Smartphone, tablets, desk tops, lap tops, …) for RGB display consistency
  •  Nothing worse than tiffany blue being displayed as sea foam!
  • Try not to use more than three colors else your website can become a busy eyeful
    1. Primary
    2. Peripheral
    3. Call attention to

Once you’ve chosen your colors, use them consistently for your brand messaging
    • Colors are similar to keywords, and just the right balance impact meaning
    • Colors should reveal for website visitors what they are looking for on your website
    • Colors should be understood by a visitor and be satisfying instead of overwhelming

As you have just read, color is a silent powerful tool that can either influence your brand or kill it. Website colors should: (I) distinguish your brand from your competitor and, (II) stir a visitor’s response. What are your website colors articulating to your customers?

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