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Panda Hell or Panda Jubilee

Which is it? I mean are websites doomed because of Panda.  From my optic, I discern quite the contrary.  Look at it from the perspective of the machine.  Now what the machine cannot do, is understand a website's intent.  What a machine can do, is understand a searcher’s search query and measure how long it takes a searcher to come back to search based on the keywords again to what pages were pulled and clicked on.  Ah, makes sense.

Google maps also had a major update prior.  This is great for businesses with a physical address, but a bummer for those without one.  However, proximity is now factored into the quality score equation as well.

Last, but not least was a re-indexing of the entire link index world.  Did you use that damn disavow tool?  Sure you did just as I.  What I believe we actually did though, out of incomprehension, was handover to the machine what link sites we considered to be bad.  Dumb us.  What that helped the machine to do, was re-index.  Yes, we provided the machine with the websites intent. This is not to say a bad thing, but live and learn because social linking is just as corrupt. That’s a hint for the future.

The outcome now provides the machine a way to create a type of quality score (or grade) for each site each time a searcher inputs a search query.  You guessed it. A type of organic auction that is weighted by what the machine knows regarding a searchers query intent, proximity, and your site’s link authority.

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