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Framing Online Marketing Campaigns

Promotions, content creation, and outwitting your competition are necessary components for framing online marketing campaigns.  Yet where to begin? For that my friend is easy.  It all begins by understanding your target audience.  This notion though goes beyond age, sex, location and income.  We’re talking about their traits. For it’s those traits, which can be grouped, and content creation can be built out that stands out from the competition.  Here is where social media lends insight, and from that insight you begin segmenting your audience into idiosyncratic segments or silos.  Yes there will be overlap, and that is good because it gives you the opportunity to motivate as well as influence your audience via various promotions. 

Getting ideas?

Next comes all those promotions to speak to all those traits, but first your promotions have to outwit the competition.  How you ask?  It’s by marketing your brand attributes.  You know all those attributes that make your brand standout amongst the competition.  Is it your customer service, product durability, a charity supported by your brand, customization features, price, free delivery, or perhaps lifestyle projection?  See, each of those brand attributes can be precisely marketed toward your segmented audience traits.

Then to measure it all so that we know what works and what does not along with how we can improve upon what is, we sprinkle in Analytics to guide the way. 

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